María Victoria González Pagani
Teaching Professor



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Personal information
Employment History




1996 Teaching Excellence Award
Center for Teaching Excellence
University of California, Santa Cruz.

2001 Jorge Guillén Award
Fundación Jorge Guillén - Diputación de Valladolid
Valladolid, Spain

2005 Distinguished Teaching Award
Alumni Association
University of California, Santa Cruz.

2009 Cristóbal de Villalón Award on Innovation in Teaching
Diputación de Valladolid, Universidad de Valladolid,
Instituto Cervantes, Fundación Jorge Guillén
Valladolid - Spain






Tradición y cambio - First Edition
Random House, 1988

Tradición y cambio - Second Edition,
McGraw Hill, 1997

Tradición y cambio - Third Edition,
McGraw Hill, 2005

Al corriente - Fourth Edition,
McGraw Hill, 2003

In progress
El español a carcajadas: El humor en el mundo hispanohablante

Electronic Materials
Hybrid Courses - First Year Series
Content-based Language Instruction

Spanish 1T
| Spanish 2T | Spanish 3T
Spanish 1U |Spanish 2U | Spanish 3U

Hybrid courses - Second Year Series
See SPHS series in "Courses recently taught"

Hybrid courses - Third Year Series
See Spanish 156F in "Courses taught")

Online Distance Learning Courses
Spanish Without Walls,
First year, sequence of three courses
UCSC-UCD, 2002

Donde quiera, cuando quiera - Prototype
College Prep Initiative - AP Spanish Language
UC Office of the President, 2001

Donde quiera, cuando quiera - Course
College Prep Initiative - AP Spanish Language
UC Office of the President, 2005

Other online publications and projects
Al corriente online
materials, McGraw Hill, 2003
ELMA, Electronic Language Materials Archive


bulletCourses taught (since 2010)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers 4 (language and culture course)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers 5 (language and culture course)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers 6 (language and culture course)

Spanish for Heritage Speakers 115: El ensayo: Lectura, análisis y redacción

Spanish 150: Introducción a la lingüística hispánica

Spanish 156F, Humor in the Spanish-speaking World

New courses

Spanish 141: Advanced Spanish Grammar (for winter 2020)
Spanish 142: El mundo de las palabras: Morfología y léxico (in preparation)

bulletService (past tent years)
Spanish for Heritage Speakers Program
Director (Fall 2010 to present)

Spanish Studies Program
Director (Fall 2013 to Spring 2016 and Fall 2017 to Spring 2019)

Senate Committe on Admissions and Financial Aid
Member ( 2011-2013)

Senate Committee on Teaching

Chair (2009-2011)

UC Consortium for Language Learning and Teaching
Steering Committee member (2000-2012)